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Pride of Prosperity Kennel
Prudence of Prosperity Kennel
Name contest ended


Puppies for sale
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Puppies for sale


Pride went to his new home today.  A shimy eyed young boy came with is mom to pick  him up today.  We  wish loads of love and puppy-fun.  We will keep in touch.

Pride of Prosperity Kennel

Here I am, the last male left of the litter.  I am such a doll of a pup.  Let us kow if you are interested ASAP.  We keep sending love out into the world, barks from us :-)

Prudence of Prosperity Kennel

Prudence of Prosperity Kennel is calling on his new owner.  If you are out there let us know.  Love to all, peace to all and happy barks from me


Hi everybody,
Well here we are our names, Paris, Precious, Princess, Prudence, Polo and  Pride.  We have been growing over springbrake.  All day we are on our own playing outside and getting trained.  This is such big transition for us.  We are handling it great and looking forward to taking on the world :-). Some of us are even leaving home next week.  What do you think about that?
Adding love to the world...

Name contest ended

We will post them all soon!

I got a name

English Cocker Spaniel puppy for saleMeet POLO of PROSPERITY
Let us know what you think of our first meeting...
Our name competition as you may have noticed is about to come to a conclusion.  Just 4 more puppies to be named.
Love to all,
Prosperity Kennel Team

We have names

English Cocker Spaniel PuppiesCongratularions! 
We picked the name Paris. 
We are so happy to take on the world.
Best wishes from us to you

Name Competition Closing Feb.18, 11

We are so close to having a name for each puppy!
Check up on us because we will post them soon.
Prosperity Kennel Team

Name Competition

Hi everybody,
We are 5 weeks old English Cocker Spaniels now and in a week or 2 we can actually move on  to our new homes!  We need names. Here are the ground rules:
English Cocker Spaniels for sale
1. The name has to start with a "P"
2. There are 2 females and a male that we are looking to name
3. The names already given are the mother Patience, Prudence, Precious, Peace and Pride
Look forward to hearing your suggestions.  Blog away!
If your name is picked you get a 50% discount on a puppy!
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